If you are a tutor and interested in joining the Lucan Education team please read on. 

We offer an illuminating approach to tutoring; unparalleled support, unique materials and progressive techniques. We provide a totally professional service and we have created our own systems and standards to help our students achieve academic excellence. We view tutoring as a profession in its own right and are interested in developing opportunities for all of our tutors. 

Typically our tutors have strong degrees from Oxbridge or Russell Group universities, or have graduated from leading institutions in the US. We want to have a team with a diverse range of academic and professional experience, and welcome all applications. 

Students are typically aged between 6 and 18 years old, and the majority are from international or bilingual backgrounds, requiring specific language development support in addition to academic instruction.


Younger students may be applying for UK schools at 11+ or 13+, whilst elder students require help with GCSE and A level subjects. We also work with students requiring SAT, ACT and TOEFL. 

If you are organised, communicative & enthusiastic about education,

please get in touch.

WHATSAPP / TELEGRAM: +79639942441