If you are a parent and require assistance with academic matters, please read on. 

Though we are a small organisation, we have a huge resource of experience dealing with the challenges that students from international backgrounds face when preparing for the transition to the UK or US. 

Typically our clientele understand the intrinsic value of education, and are focused on long term goals. In short, they want the best for their sons and daughters. Accordingly we only provide services to a select group of students in any given year. This means that we can maintain the highest standards of oversight, and that our management have the time to be personally involved in students' progress.

The range of services that we offer encompasses all ages, levels and systems. We have specialists in our team from all around the world - leaders in their fields - from teaching young learners how to read, to preparing students for their SAT examinations. 

If you feel that you require help with strategy, preparation or support

in regards to your children's education, please get in touch:

WHATSAPP / TELEGRAM: +79639942441