"...more than just a skype lesson..."

At Lucan Education, 'Skype' is a dirty word. 

Our team has been actively developing E-Learning Online Tutoring services as part of our Lucan Global Learning initiative since 2014. 

The Aims: 

Make remote tutoring more efficient, effective and engaging than live tutoring

Bring expert tutors available internationally to students regardless of their location

Maximise the benefit of a 1 to 1 approach with the best available technology

The Products:


Test preparation and practice courses

Expert subject tutors in Literature, Maths,  Sciences and Humanities at all levels

EFL with native speakers for learners of all ages

The Results: 

By developing a unique platform and training tutors and students in the use of an array of programs and applications, combining simultaneous editing software with catalogued books and materials, we have changed the way that children learn online, and how they regard technology and computers.