Day Schools in London

If your family is relocating to London then of prime concern is the choice of school. Private junior schools in the UK are called 'Prep Schools', and gaining entry to a good Prep School is the main target for most families.


There are also a selection of well-established International Schools which cater traditionally to diplomatic missions and the buisness community.  

The requisite level required in order to enter good prep schools is incredibly challenging, especially for children from international backgrounds. Accordingly the process of entering a good school in London may transpire to be much harder than first considered. 

As London's profile has grown in stature as an international residential destination, so has the pressure on places at its top schools; this is especially true in the cases of overseas pupils, and those who do not speak English as a first language. The education market has reacted accordingly with a whole generation of newer schools opening accross the capital to respond to the new demand for places.



New Prep Schools vs. Established Prep Schools 

Whilst Established Prep schools offer a famously rigourous level of education, and a path to the most competitive senior day schools, the entrance examination specifications for these schools are notoriously challenging; even for pupils who've learned since Yr.1 in the UK system. 

Newer prep schools can offer a gentler path into the education system for younger pupils, with the opportunity to transfer later at 9 or 11 years into a more academic environment. However, the minimum requirments required in such cases are still incredibly high, so easier schools may seem to be a sensible option in such cases.

Regardless of the final choice of school, it is essential that pupils recieve adequate preparation, both linguistic and academic, before transferring to school in the UK. Placing younger children into learning environments beyond their linguistic ability is incredibly stressful, and it is very important that the transition is handled gently and that the pupil is supported with specific preparation. 

How we can help?


We understand that all parents wish their children to fulfill their academic potential, and the key point of reference for us when helping to select a school is the academic abiliy of the student; we begin each assignment with a unique assessment of each student's key academic knowledge and skills. 


Taking into account the time remaining for preparation and other factors, we can then formulate an acadmemic strategy and study plan for the student. In parallel we can begin academic preparation.

Following a logical, informative and systematic school selection process, the next step is registration and administration, organisation of visits, and finally, interviews and tests.


The time frames for these processes depend on the individual schools and  point of entry. 

Please contact us in London or Moscow for further information.