Strategic Planning for School, College & University

Our experienced consultancy team offer strategic planning & administrative support across all aspects of international education; from Prep Schools to Senior Schools, and on to University throughout the UK and US.

Many of our students begin in the Russian school system and want to transfer to school in the UK or university in the US. Others are in international schools and wish to transfer to a more rigorous academic environment or make sure that they have the qualifications and skills for university application. 

Depending on the goals, we help our clients make a clear pathway through what can be a confounding field of options and choices. We can assist with registration, application and administration of all types of institution and application process.

With more than ten years of experience we understand the specific needs and nuances of each individual


Boarding Schools
United Kingdom

UK boarding schools have consolidated their position as world leaders in providing the best in education. UK boarding schools provide more than just good qualifications and a route to universtiy; they provide students with a wealth of opportunities outside the classroom. The regular points of entry for such schools are at 11, 13, and 16.  Read more...  

Prep Schools
Central London

For international families relocating to London, selecting a suitable school is the most challenging aspect. For pupils who are coming from outside the UK system, the academic and linguistic requirements are very tough, and choosing the right schools for application involves balancing ambition with the student's current level. We have unparalleled insight into the routes available  Read more... 

Univeristy Applications
United Kingdom

For students who are completing their A' levels at school in the UK, choosing the right course and the right university are the most important decisions that they will have made in their lives to date. The factors which need to be taken into account are not always obvious, and there are techniques and approaches which give students an advantage.  Read more... 

College Applications

The process of applying for College in the US is intrinsically linked to examination preparation. The most common route is through SAT examinations. Accordingly Students who are applying for US universities often have to prepare for two sets of exams in parallel, as well as organising essays, transcripts and other necessary documents. We can assist with all aspects.  Read more...

There are no 'one size fits all' solutions and we form the most effective path for each student