Mentoring & Support for International Students

We offer a unique range of academic support to students who are already studying at school in the UK, including academic mentoring and Online tutoring.

We understand that for many students the challenges only begin with their entrance tests. Aspects such as subject choices, coursework and exam preparation are constantly required.


Course content and vocabulary for GCSE, IB and A' levels in a wide range of subjects can cause issues for international students who are learning in a second language. Top marks are never easy to achieve, and we have a range of approaches created specifically to help them to optimise their results as they move forward to the next stage of their education.   

 Case Study 1 - Ivan   

Ivan had entered a good prep school in London in Yr. 7, but still had to score highly in his Common Entrance tests to get into his first choice school, Sevenoaks, at 13+, as well as passing separate entrance tests.

Although Ivan was strong in Literature and Mathematics, Latin and Geography were new subjects for him. Lucan Education organised intensive lessons in London and Moscow to help him prepare for his exams.


His final results were good, and he passed his exams and entered year 9 in Sevenoaks having got strong results in his Common Entrance. 

   Case Study 2 - Katya

Katya had entered school at 14+ having passed exams in English in Maths. However, British History and Chemistry were new subjects for her, and as she approached her GCSE exams she felt she was struggling to achieve the 6 B's which she would require to qualify for A' Levels.


Indeed, the sitation was very serious, and she was in danger of not getting good enough grades to stay in her school, which was academically competitive. 

We organised a remedial course of study and intensive lessons in Chemistry and History for Katya, and her final marks which were all Bs and above, allowed her to go on to study at A' Level.

Case Study 3 - Ahmed   


Ahmed joined a leading all-boys school at 13+ and did well in GCSEs, however he found the IB much more challenging. As he neared the second year of his studies, felt he needs help with Physics, Maths and his English writing skills to achieve his ultimate goal and score 38 points and a place on a top course at a London university. 

We organised weekly online support for Ahmed, as well as contacting his school teachers for extra insight. When he returned to Moscow for holidays he continued lessons. Ahmed got the required grades in his final exams and is now at the university of his choice. 

   Case Study 4 - Pavel

Pavel had been in the UK since year 7, but had run into trouble in the middle of his GCSEs, eventually being asked to leave his school.


With his whole academic career at risk, his parents turned to us for help.

We provided individual tuition in Moscow in his key subjects,  whilst completing the search for a year 11 place for the final year of his GCSEs in the UK. Once he was resettled at one of the top boarding schools in the country we continued to provide support and guidance, and he went on to thrive both socially and academically at his new school.