US College application; a systematic approach

Undergraduate application process for college in the US is at once both democratic and elitist; democratic in that anyone can apply, and elitist in that only those with the best profiles can really be considered as competitive candidates. 


The process of selection and application contrasts to the UK system; course selection is secondary to the selection of institution; standardized tests are required by all students regardless of other public exams (SATs or ACT must be taken even if the student is also sitting A levels or the IB), and there are a variety of application timelines and deadlines. In addition there is no limit on the number of institutions that the candidate can apply to. 

The application & preparation process is multi-faceted. 

Simultaneous to selection and administration,

academic achievement must be optimised 

& extra-curricular profile must be expanded.


As such, we understand that creating an effective and optimal strategy for US college applications requires a systematic approach, broaching both the academic and the administrative in parallel.


The key features of this approach are:


  • Academic assessment to ascertain the level and potential of the student

  • Effective SAT/ACT preparation based upon assessment results

  • Shortlist compilation

  • Administration and assistance with transcripts, essays and references

  • Communication and submission of applications


In addition supporting the student through mentoring is equally important, providing:


  • Organization of work experience and internships

  • Participation in extra-curricular projects and summer schools

  • Interview preparation and profile presentation

  • Academic optimisation

We can help


We understand that some students require constructive support in order to fulfill their academic potential, and the key points of reference for us when helping with a college application are not only the academic abiliy of the student, but their wider profile, interests and motivation.  


Taking into account the time remaining for preparation and other factors, we can then formulate an acadmemic strategy and study plan for the student. In parallel we can begin academic preparation.

The aim of our approach is simple; to help the student achieve their goals.

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